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Gelatin by-products for Aviation Fuel

The Role of Gelatin By-products in Sustainable Aviation Fuel Development In the quest for more sustainable aviation fuels, researchers and industries are constantly exploring innovative solutions to reduce the environmental impact of air travel. One such promising avenue is [...]

May 15, 2024|Categories: About Gelatin, News|Tags: |

Gelatin and the Circular Economy

How Gelatin Manufacturing Contributes to the Circular Economy From an original article, 'From Chain to Circle: Unlocking Upcycling Potential in Food Production.' GROW - Gelatin Representatives of the World With a growing world population, food consumption and [...]

April 17, 2024|Categories: About Gelatin, News|Tags: |

GMAP part of a global group

GROW – Gelatin Representatives of the World GROW is a joint working group of the four leading global gelatin associations GMAP (Asia), GME (Europe), GMIA (North America) and SAGMA (South America). Gelatin Manufactures Association of Asia Pacific (GMAP) [...]

February 29, 2024|Categories: News|Tags: |


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