The Gelatin Manufacturers Association of Asia Pacific (GMAP) was formed in September 1996, becoming the fourth international gelatin association. The other three associations are in Europe, North America and South America.

GMAP’s members represent the major gelatin manufacturers in the Asia Pacific region, which covers Australia, China, India, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Taiwan.

GMAP is an active association—independent; non-trading and a non-profit organisation.


GMAP acts as an advisory and investigative body for its members in matters relating to the manufacture and sale of gelatin including regulatory, statutory, safety, and environmental and technical issues.

GMAP represents and puts forward the consolidated views of its members on matters affecting the gelatin industry.

GMAP works worldwide in conjunction with other gelatin manufacturers’ associations to foster and promote the unimpeded flow of gelatin globally.

GMAP works worldwide to optimise gelatin manufacturing standards and product standards for the gelatin industry, its customers and gelatin consumers.

The GMAP members are:

Gelita Australia Pty Ltd, Aust & NZ

Geltech Co. Ltd, Korea

 Gelita Pingyang Gelatine Co. Ltd.

India Gelatine & Chemicals Ltd, India

Jellice Co. Ltd, Japan

Jellice Pioneer Private Limited Taiwan Branch (Singapore)

Narmada Gelatines Ltd, India

Nippi Gelatin Division, Japan

Nitta Gelatin Inc, Japan

Nitta Gelatin India Ltd

PB Gelatins (Pinyang) Co. Ltd.

Rousselot (Guangdong) Gelatin Co. Ltd, PR China

Sam Mi Industrial Co, South Korea

The Gelatin Information Center 

 The Gelatin Info centre is a service of all of the world’s major gelatin associations: the GMAP, GME, SAGMA and GMIA.

The information service is aimed at consumer, journalists and anyone seeking information about gelatin. The Infocentre is happy to help you and to provide you with information.

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Other gelatin associations and contacts

Gelatin Manufacturers Associations:

GME: Gelatine Manufacturers Association of Europe, EEU

GMIA: Gelatin Manufacturers Institute of America Inc

GMJ: Gelatin Manufacturers Association of Japan

SAGMA: South American Gelatin Association


European Chemical Industry Council CEFIC Sector Group