GROW – Gelatin Representatives of the World

GROW is a joint working group of the four leading global gelatin associations GMAP (Asia), GME (Europe), GMIA (North America) and SAGMA (South America).

Gelatin Manufactures Association of Asia Pacific (GMAP)

The goal of the Gelatin Manufactures Association of Asia Pacific (GMAP) is to raise awareness of the benefits of gelatin and collagen peptides, strengthen the global dialogue with stakeholders and ensure safe, natural and reliable products. GROW informs about news in the gelatin and collagen peptides industry all around the globe.

GMAP serves as a key advisor and investigator for its members on issues related to gelatin production and sales, covering regulation, safety, and environmental and technical aspects. It represents the collective interests of its members to address industry-wide concerns. Additionally, GMAP collaborates with gelatin associations globally to ensure smooth international trade and to elevate manufacturing and product standards across the industry for the benefit of producers, customers, and consumers alike.